Gregg Jaden Studios has a team of professionals and social influencers for any sized project. Lead by Gregg Jaden who is a professional photographer and director who has conceptualized campaigns for top brands that have outperformed their competitors by substantial measurable gain. 

Gregg has lead campaigns and worked with some brands such as NOKIA, Cricket Wireless, G Technology, SONY, Porsche, Disney, CBS, Universal Music Group, Gen Art, Fashion Week NY, Hollywood TV and FOX.

Hang Son Doong BTS Shooting Client Assets

Hang Son Doong BTS Shooting Client Assets

His Team realizes all Brands needs to be seen, heard and loved. By penetrating your audience’s communities and social spots, we learn how to behave like they do. We learn their language, how to interact with them, their primal needs and how we can fulfill these needs. We then move to establishing clear goals, understanding your brand goals and competitors. During the discovery phase our team performs the following tasks: strategy analysis, concept development, database needs analysis, competitive analysis, flow-charting / information architecture, and project scheduling and technology needs assessment. We then scope out the appropriate plan of services to help grow your brand. Big or small campaign we can create them all!

Taking Brands into the right environment is key storytelling - BTS Hang Son Doong Vietnam

Taking Brands into the right environment is key storytelling - BTS Hang Son Doong Vietnam

The Power of Why?

Why do we do what we do? Analyzing consumer motivations and behaviors do determine why your consumers buy and understanding the psychology behind the rationality and mentality. We work with Brands to uncover the reasons why a consumer is within reach and how to interact with them more effectively while planting the seeds and nurturing a long-lasting relationship.

PHOTOGRAPHY and video production

  • Adventure

  • Travel

  • Catalogs

  • Expeditions

  • Advertising Print, Web and Video

  • Commercials

  • Entertainment Coverage

  • Music Videos

  • Sports Events

  • Portraits

  • Fine Art

Brands seeking to connect with consumers utilizing video understand that video is at our generation’s fingertips. Video is an excellent way for Brands to increase awareness and brand loyalty. Wary and sophisticated consumers, that have been exposed to scripted advertising messages their entire lives. They can hate brands and love brands, which is why we carefully craft every brand video strategically and methodically.

We go above and beyond to tell client stories

We go above and beyond to tell client stories

Our passion culture focus gives us the insight to create brand video initiatives that have impact in people’s lives while gaining traction in their online and in social communities ultimately converting consumers into Brand advocates. Create a powerful video presence for your Brand can have a major impact on consumer needs. With social media evolving this gives Brands a chance to be authentic and contribute clips about brand awareness like never before. We don’t just rely on existing data, we strive to understand the behavior of your target audience while anticipating their next move. Understanding the forces which drive their identity and why they do what they do helps us create a highly effective video marketing strategy while studying consumer motivations.

  • Full Service Video Production

  • TV Commercials, Music Videos

  • Drone Locations and Drove Footage

  • Sizzle Reels and Content Services

  • Location Shoots, Corporate Videos

  • Promotional Videos, Sales Videos

  • Awards Show coverage, Behind the Scenes and Fashion Shows

  • Full scale green screen, Full Studios Facilities

  • Cinema 4D, 3D Animation, Steadicam

  • Motion Graphics, Video and film-based content creation 2D/3D and Cinema 4D Illustration and Animation


We work with agencies, brands, fashion or any client looking for unique visuals for any occasion. 

Our Mission

To provide State of the Art research, brand experiences, ground breaking visuals, while pushing boundaries which specifically relate to our clients’ need to increase sales, market share and exposure. Our Passion for originality and everlasting creativity is our commitment to total customer satisfaction.