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Gregg Jaden Studios has a team of professional filmmakers, photographers, and social influencers for any project of any size. It is led by Gregg Jaden an award-winning filmmaker/director and professional photographer who has conceptualized campaigns for top brands that have outperformed their competitors by substantial, measurable gains.

Gregg has led campaigns and worked with some brands, such as SanDisk Professional, Cricket Wireless, G Technology, SONY, Porsche, Disney, CBS, Universal Music Group, Gen Art, Fashion Week NY, Hollywood TV, and FOX.

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Film awards

Awards For The Documentary Film - The Curse Effect
Directed/Filmed by Gregg Jaden

Dive deep into the heart of Indonesia's Borneo jungle with 'THE CURSE EFFECT.' This riveting documentary delivers never-before-seen footage of one of the most feared tribes on earth, Suku Dayak. Enter a world of the tribe's private way of life known for its voodoo traditions, daily rituals, and historical enemy headhunting. Defying the odds as a foreign outsider, filmmaker Gregg Jaden miraculously earned the tribe's trust, gaining access to film them like never before. At the tribe's land. Uncovering the mystery of a voodoo curse and their fight against a deadly, unseen evil.

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