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Gregg Jaden is a distinguished filmmaker renowned for his profound storytelling imbued with spiritual significance, enriching the fabric of our world. With a prolific career directing and shooting commercials for esteemed brands such as SanDisk Professional, G-Technology, Sony, and HOYA Filters, Jaden has established himself as a luminary in the industry.


His directorial prowess extends to award-winning documentary films, earning him global acclaim and recognition. Jaden's dedication to crafting narratives that resonate on a profound level underscores his commitment to artistic excellence and societal impact.

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My Story

His recent achievements at esteemed film festivals, including the Cannes World Film Festival, illuminate his ascent as a cinematic director. With an impressive array of accolades under his belt, including prestigious honors such as Best Director, Best Short Film, and Best Documentary, Jaden's recent film, "The Curse Effect," has garnered Worldwide acclaim. Notably, his cinematic true story has clinched laurels at the LAFA (Los Angeles Film Awards) and the New York Film Awards, underscoring his indomitable prowess in the cinematic landscape.



His artistic journey extends beyond filmmaking to encompass photography, where his timeless imagery has reached esteemed publications. Passionate about wildlife conservation and oceanic preservation, Jaden leverages his creative talents to champion causes close to his heart.

With a diverse clientele that spans Fortune 500 companies and global brands, including Disney and Sony, Jaden's creative ingenuity has left an indelible mark on the digital landscape. At the core of his ethos lies a profound belief in storytelling's transformative power as he continues redefining the boundaries of cinematic expression and inspiring audiences worldwide.

Gregg Jaden on Location in Bangkok Thailand
Behind the Scenes The Curse Effect Film
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