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In October 2018 Sony Alpha Imaging Collective Members Gregg Jaden and Rachel Jones Ross will be leading an intensive Travel Photography Workshop from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. ***We lowered the price for incentive since there is less notice for this particular location and usually we give 6 months when we announce workshops. I cannot stress enough all of these locations have been carefully scouted for you to get your very own epic photos. If you have never been to Scotland then take advantage of this amazing trip! These locations are some of the most mind blowing landscapes known to Scotland. These places have been heavily scouted and planned to help you get the most of your workshop.




Anyone who loves to travel and take photos. This workshop was created as an opportunity to learn to make the most of your travel while taking photos for yourself or for clients. With travel assignments usually there is limited time to get all your client assets. This course will break down how to shoot on the go, tips and tricks to tell the best possible story and how to travel back home with a massive amount of files to tell a compelling story. 


The itinerary has been planned to get the most time possible on location each day. We will adjust if needed for any change in weather. We have a massive location list every day giving you the best opportunities to create the best shots and tell the best story you can. This workshop is an opportunity to work closely with Rachel and I, learning how we shoot fast and combine photography opportunities while storytelling using the camera and how to captivate your audience using social media stories.

Itinerary for Photography Workshop

The workshop starts in Glasgow which you are responsible for making sure you arrive on time. I recommend arriving the day before (on October 10th) and spending the night at the airport. This will allow the workshop to start on time, even if flights are delayed, as well as give you time to adjust to the the time difference.

The places you will be exploring are incredible. This scenery speaks for itself. Lush greenery and low clouds are most likely on the list for this time of year. The students will be required to work on mock assignments issued by me.  Daily critiques of your shots will be given as well. We will cover essentials such as storytelling, framing, lens choice and goals for your run and gun work.

Social Media Advanced

A big part of how we travel and work with brands is through engagement on social media. In this workshop, we will share our knowledge on how to grow your social following. We will walk you through:
- The latest changes on social media
- How to continue growing your account
- How to get the maximum exposure of your content
- Best practices and techniques for traction on your posts/stories and how to grow the following you want
- Gregg will be auditing everyones account and working with you one on one to make the necessary changes for better engagement. 
- Additionally, Gregg will show you how to build your personal and professional brand

What you will learn 

- Shooting for a client or brand
- Lens choices for varying landscapes
- Working with changing light and camera settings
- Shooting for the editing process
- Optimizing your camera for cinematic style shooting
- Storytelling through composition
- Best focus settings and when to use them
- ND filters and when to use them
- Framing, composition and lens choices
- Working with changing light and camera settings
- Shooting for the editing process
- Optimizing your camera for landscape shooting
- Storytelling through camera placement and lens choice
- Best focus settings and when to use them
- ND/Polarizer filters and when to use them
- Social media tips and best practices
- How to build your brand 


Exclusive Class Size

Exclusive Class Size: This Scotland Photography Workshop has a maximum capacity of 4 participants. With limited registration, you will enjoy attentive one-on-one instruction each day.
Transportation with pickup and return from Glasgow
Accommodations for 7 nights (shared accommodation)
Breakfast daily
Photography tuition
Post Processing lessons

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Learn landscape mirrorless shooting with Sony's best gear for the job. Sony is supporting this workshop with a variety of cameras and lenses for you to try. This is an excellent opportunity shoot using a mirrorless technology full frame camera. If you shoot DSLR no problem just let me know ahead of time so I can prepare for you!


Day 1: Glasgow to Inveraray


Shoot 1 – Finnich Glen – ‘The Devil’s Pulpit’

Our first stop on the Scotland Photography Workshop – at the Devil’s Pulpit – The walls of Finnich Glen glow green, the earth is red, and the water pours over the small falls like a fountain of white and milk chocolate. There are endless compositions to be found here, as the water swirls and pools throughout the glen, and the green walls reflect in the water.

Shoot 2 – Kilchurn Castle Sunset in Inveraray


You will still be giddy after your shoot at the Devil’s Pulpit by the time we make our way to our first castle. Kilchurn Castle, first constructed in the mid-15th century, stands like a sentinel on the shores of Loch Awe. You can’t help but be transported back through time as you stand on the bank looking across the water.

Day 2: Inveraray to Glencoe

Shoot 3 – Kilchurn Castle Sunrise

We will visit this historic site for sunrise on our way to Glencoe. Chances are good for capturing some morning mist, and maybe even a rainbow (or two!). The water is often calmer in the morning, too, for some nice reflections.

Shoot 4 – All aboard The Hogwarts Express!

I have to admit that I’m a huge Potter geek, but even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, this old-fashioned steam train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct is truly inspiring. I will take you to the best vantage point for the light we get that day.

On our way to the viaduct we will have time to stop off at the historic Inverlochy Castle for high tea. This is a good opportunity to get a bite to eat, and explore 19th century Scotland.

Day 3: Glencoe to Skye

Shoot 5 – Sunrise at the Buachaille Etive Mor Waterfall in Glencoe

Glencoe is one of the most historically significant locations in Scotland. It’s one of those places that feels like where ever you go, somebody, at some time in our history, was there before you. At the same time, it is remote, rugged, and untouched – like the tumbling falls under the shadow of Buachaille Etive Mor.

Shoot 6 – Eilean Donan Castle Sunset


One of the most quintessential Scottish castles is undoubtedly the majestic Eilean Donan Castle. During my October, 2016 trip, I arrived just in time for one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. The sky was on fire, and the dazzling light continued for nearly an hour before the sun disappeared below the horizon. During blue hour, the exterior of the castle is lit with soft orange light that makes this quintessential castle pop against the deep blue of the fading light.


Day 4: Isle of Skye

Shoot 7 – The Old Man of Storr Sunrise


The Old Man of Storr will transport you to places you’ve seen only in your imagination. It has a Lord-of-the-Rings, middle-earth vibe to it. And, it’s another one of those places with endless compositions. Make sure you have lots of space on your memory card and some extra batteries!

Shoot 8 – Neist Point Lighthouse Sunset

Neist Point offers a feast of dramatic cliff faces and crashing waves. With the lighthouse perched precariously on the edge of the cliffs and facing into the North Atlantic Ocean, it’s sure to lure your imagination.

Day 5: Isle of Skye

Shoot 9 – Sunrise at The Quiraing


Much like the Old Man of Storr, visiting ‘The Quiraing’ is like stepping into another realm. Gnarly rock formations, and deep green meadows create an endlessly textured landscape. The morning sun reveals fascinating details and depth to this unique landscape.

Shoot 10 – Afternoon Shoot at the Fairy Pools

Scotland isn’t all jagged rocks and meadows. It also boasts some beautiful, waterfalls and the deep blue Fairy Pools. We will spend the afternoon exploring this enchanting set of falls.

Shoot 11 – The Fairy Glen Sunset

The Fairy Glen has an enchanted feel to it, with it’s bizarre stone circles and rock structures. They say that if you stand very still and quietly in the vicinity of the glen, you may hear leaves rustling or feel a faint wisp of breeze – the work of the fairies!

Day 6: Skye to Glencoe

Shoot 12 – Sunrise at Eilean Donan Castle

We say goodbye to the Isle of Skye this morning, but we get one more opportunity to shoot Eilean Donan Castle for sunrise.

Shoot 13 – ‘The Fey Realm’


After sunrise we will step into what can only be described as a fairytale forest. I call this place the ‘Fey Realm.’ This forest is reminiscent of the storybooks you read as a child with ogres that live under bridges.

Day 7: Glencoe to Glasgow

Shoot 14 – Castle Stalker Sunrise

Sunrise is the perfect opportunity for calm waters around the towering Castle Stalker. Hopefully we get some of that magical Scottish mist, and gorgeous reflections in the loch.

Shoot 15 – Missed Opportunities Shoot

We have some time for one last visit to a favourite spot, or a place that we just didn’t seem to get the conditions we were hoping for.

As seen in the images on this page, any time of day can offer great light in Scotland during October.

We will drive back to Glasgow after our last shoot at Glencoe for a farewell dinner, drinks, and laughs.


Food (lunch, dinner, snacks)
Flights to and from Glasgow
Insurance – It is MANDATORY for you to have travel insurance for yourself. We also highly recommend insuring your photography gear. Tour leaders will not be responsible in the event of any personal injuries or damage to photography equipment as a result of an accident during the workshop.

What is NOT included is Airfare Travel to and from Scotland and trip insurance. Please bring your own camera, digital DSLR full frame, or full frame mirrorless cameras are preferred. If you are a beginner we will teach you solid working knowledge of your camera and how to use it.  However, if you are a novice Gregg will be able to instruct you so you get value from the workshop.

Fitness Requirements

Most of the shooting locations on the Scotland Photography Workshop are close to car parks and require very little hiking. The exception is the optional hike to the ‘Old Man of Storr’ which takes about 1 hr up a steep hill. If you aren’t up for this hike, you can still capture great shots at the start of the trail. All other locations are short walks from the car.