Indonesia Gregg Jaden Model F8.0 17mm 1-125sec ISO 400.jpg
Indonesia Gregg Jaden Model F9.0 100mm 1-100sec ISO 640-2.jpg
Indonesia Gregg Jaden Model F8.0 17mm 1-125sec ISO 400.jpg
Indonesia Gregg Jaden Model F9.0 100mm 1-100sec ISO 640-2.jpg
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TUITION/TRAVEL - $2450 (Includes all Domestic Travel)





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Sony Alpha Imaging Collective Member Gregg Jaden and his team will be leading an intensive Travel Photography Workshop to some of the most epic locations of Indonesia. You have the opportunity to experience towering cliffs, spectacular waterfalls, ancient temples and some of Indonesia’s most untapped landscapes. While we island hop, these locations have been meticulously scouted and prepared for you. This workshop is for anyone who loves to do easy hikes and take beautiful photos. You do not have to be a pro photographer. Even if you are beginner you will get the most from this amazing trip. The locations are easy enjoyable hikes like any tropical hike. Some of them we did in flip flops last year. All you have to do is show up with your gear and create as much as you can. Anyone who knows me knows my trips are always very well organized with thoroughly researched locations.

*** This trip includes all domestic flights as we island hop while we explore some of Indonesia’s most beautiful landscapes together.

To make it easy I will have everyone’s domestic travel arranged so we all travel together. All you have to do is get yourself to the designated international airport and the rest will be taken care of.

I have assembled a team of Pros that will accommodate us through some of the most beautiful destinations of Indonesia. I have arranged my team to get us access to locations that only locals can get access to. You will be able to see parts of Indonesia that are more rare and only locals have access. If you have never been to Indonesia this will be an experience of a lifetime!

Take advantage. My team are pros and their local knowledge of these mind blowing landscapes is unlike anything you will have ever experienced while traveling. My team are all pro photographers and can assist with compositions at each location. Strategically selected places have been heavily scouted and planned to help you get the most of your workshop. The costs include all of your domestic flights to each island locations but does not include your flight to and from Indonesia The participants cover costs to Indonesia and back home We cover the rest.

All you need to do is:

  1. Pack your gear - a detailed list of gear will be provided upon sign up.

  2. Book your flight to Jakarta or Bali - we will help coordinate with you on dates and times that work out with your 1st domestic flight to the first location.

  3. Meet up with the group and be ready for a life chancing experience. You will be flown from your destination airport (Jakarta or Bali) to our first location where you will be picked and brought to the group to get ready for Day One.


Anyone who loves to travel and take photos and has a passion for epic landscapes. From beginners to pros It doesn't matter how good of a photographer you are. You will get the most from this workshop no matter what level of photographer you are. This workshop was created as an opportunity to learn, have fun, easy hike to locations and to make the most of your travel while taking photos for yourself portfolio. You will get to experience first hand what travel assignments are like and how to make the most out of each location.

This workshop I’ll show you

  • How to effectively shoot on the go and get the most from each location

  • Tips and tricks to tell the best possible story

  • Camera settings for every level of user

  • Best practices shooting each location

  • Shooting for clients on projects

  • Utilizing social media to build your brand

  • Best practices and techniques for traction on your posts/stories

  • Photography techniques and best practices

  • Working with light and changing locations

  • Editing in Lightroom

  • Building your personal brand

  • Being team oriented to get the most out of the location

  • We have a model for some locations for epic storytelling

  • Lens choices for varying landscapes

  • Shooting for the editing process

  • Optimizing your camera landscapes

  • Storytelling through composition

  • ND/Polarizer filters and when to use them

Gregg not only helped me understand the inner workings of the camera but ensured I would know what do to at each lighting situation making my photography skills increase beyond what I ever imagined
— Kyle P


The itinerary has been planned to get the most time possible on location each day. We will adjust if needed for any change in weather. We have a massive location list every day giving you maximum opportunities to create the best shots and tell the best story you can. This workshop is an opportunity to work closely with Gregg, learning how I shoot fast while making the most of photography opportunities. Ill also touch upon storytelling showing you how to optimize your camera for grabbing footage along the way. Most of all how to captivate your audience using social media stories.

Anyone that knows me knows I like to eat so don't worry the meals have been arranged and you will be fed like Kings and Queens. We will also be seeing some of the coolest traditional villages known to Indonesia and eating local fresh cuisine making friends along the way.


I recommend landing in Jakarta or Bali before July 30th. We will coordinate your arrival with domestic flights to ensure you meet up with us as scheduled. Once we get a headcount my team will help you coordinate your flights to Bali or Jakarta trying to get everyone landing at a similar time. Once you land there will be domestic flight arrangements to meet at Day 1 location. If you want to land earlier and explore Jakarta and Bali on your own before the workshop no problems. We will help you coordinate that as well.


Most of these place cant be put into words. When you see them you will probably be left speechless like I was. You will see the most incredible waterfalls, shoot above the clouds at volcano peaks, mega rays inside one of the worlds most amazing caves, mind blowing temples and so much, much more. I highly suggest you bring a ton of memory cards and empty your phone memory because you will become a shooting machine.

Working along side Gregg was an incredible experience. His attention to detail and ability to find compositions anywhere helped my photography get to the next level. Understanding which settings to toggle between for stills and video was essential to my client work.
— Adrian B



Exclusive Class Size: This Indonesia Photography Workshop has a maximum capacity of 6 participants. With limited registration, you will enjoy attentive one-on-one instruction each day along with group coaching. I find the best teaching is coaching. We will be shooting together and working together to create the best visuals we can for each location. After I learn you styles I’ll help accommodate and improve on the areas you are looking to improve on.

Accommodations for 7 nights, (shared accommodation)

All domestic flights and road travel

Breakfast daily (bring Indonesian cash for tips, lunch and dinners its very inexpensive to eat there)

Photography tuition

Post Processing lessons

LOCATIONS Yogyakarta Surabaya


Cave 14mm F4.0 1-250sec ISO400-2.jpg

Photography expedition to Goa Jomblang Cave. This is one of the most spectacular things you will ever see. The light rays are timed perfectly for our arrival. We know the locals there so will be able to work around to get the shots we need. When the rays his it is the most amazing feeling ever. Not many caves get these types of sun rays like this cave and it truly is spectacular. You will feel touched by God. It is a short hike into the cave around 45 minutes. There is no climbing required and it is considered an easy hike. We are lowered into the cave by rope and harness then brought out no climbing anymore - anyone can go! There are many angles to play with inside and on the way into the massive cave. (12.00 – 16.00pm)

Catching the sunset to Gumuk pasir - I havent been there yet my team selected this should be epic. These are some dunes unique to this area. We will be able to make it in time for sunset for epic shots. We can create amazing images on these dunes. One of the things about Indonesia is the light is spectacular with or without colored skies during sunrise and sunsets. (16.00pm – 19.00pm)

Dinner (traditional food) 19.00pm – 21.00pm

Editing time - sip some tasty Indonesian coffee and cold drinks

His experience with so many types of landscapes taught me so much about what to bring on any expedition or landscape travel photoshoot. His knowledge of the camera helped simplify so many technical questions I had after having my head spinning from different Youtube videos. Gregg set me straight with the settings to drastically improve my shooting style.
— Nikki P

Day 2 YOGYAKARTA (Aug 1 2019)

Catching the sunrise at the historic Borobudur temple which dates back to the 9th century. The Indonesian government goes to great lengths to keep this temple preserved and open to the public. It is truly fascinating! Not only is this temple incredible to explore, there are so many angles to shoot and so many temple corridors to play in. This is truly a place to let your creativity best out. The place is large enough to get some really cool unique angles and each shot can look like a different temple location. It is one of the most famous temples at 4.00am – 07.30am

Back to hotel (breakfast). Id bring some protein bars for this morning shoot incase you feel hungry.

Indonesia Borobudur Temple 16mm F6.3 1-250sec ISO320 Gregg Jaden-2.jpg
Indonesia Borobudur Temple 32mm F4.5 1-250 sec ISO 320 Gregg Jaden.jpg
Temple Early Morning Gregg Jaden 137mm F5.0 1-100sec ISO640.jpg

Prambanan and/or Boko temple. Prambanan is a must see. If we have time after we will try to make it to Ratu Boko temple as well. This day is packed full however we start early and will be able to get a lot of shots for your portfolio.

Girl Sunset Prambanan Temple 28mm F14 1Sec ISO 100.jpg
A few little camera moves Gregg taught me tremendously improved my travel videos making my storytelling much more interesting
— Yuli P

Day 3 YOGYAKARTA (AUG 2 2019)

Catching the sunrise at Abhayagiri Resort

Then Depart to Makassar (midday after lunch)

Arrive in Makassar – check in hotel.

Catching the sunset at Losari Beach. This will be an epic place to drone or just shoot.

Flight to SURABAYA - Arrive in Surabaya check in to hotel and relax edit enjoy some tasty iced beverages and snacks

Staying up all night and feeling life was exactly what I needed. Making the most out of a day and seeing the new ways I can shoot my travel stories. I got a taste first hand what it was like to travel around Indonesia with Gregg’s team and I cant get enough. I am addicted to travel photography and story telling for life.
— Michael S

SURABAYA Day 4 (Aug 3 2019)

Arrive Surabaya trip to Madakaripura Waterfalls (12.00 pm – 17.00pm). This day we will be going to Bukit Kapur and another tasty local lunch. I didn’t have time to shoot his place last time but its Epic and wanted to include it for you guys!

We will spend the day speechless again although I’ll have to talk at some point. The falls here are incredible and the scale massive. We will go over shooting styles along with camera techniques to get the best photos for your portfolio.

*** Rest and prepare for the shoot we start at 2AM to load up the Jeeps and drive up the mountain above the clouds.

SURABAYA Day 5 Mount Bromo (Aug 4 2019)

Bromo Top Gregg Jaden 35mm F9.0 1-250sec ISO100.jpg
Bromo Top Gregg Jaden 35mm F11 1-100sec ISO100.jpg
Bromo Top Girl Gregg Jaden 21mm F7.1 1-250sec ISO100.jpg

Preparations for shooting the sunrise at Mt Bromo and Tengger Semeru, Pasir Berbisik. This is where we take jeeps up the mountain to see volcano peaks from above the clouds. The only way there is by Jeep. We have a team assembled for your comfort and safety that know the way at night. Jeeps and safe knowledgeable drivers have been arranged and will be provided. There is a ton to shoot up there so be ready.

SURABAYA Day 6 Last Day of Workshop Aug 5 2019

Saving the Best for Last! When I first shot here I didn’t want to leave. I was speechless. It will be one of the best places you have seen ever!

We will take you to ruly untouched areas of Surabaya. Tumpak Sewu and Kabut Pelangi. These gushing waterfalls will truly blow your mind. We will most likely have these places to ourselves. This shot below we had the place to ourselves all afternoon. Only a few people have access to these falls which we have arranged for us. We will be blessed meeting some of the kindest farmers there. Super kindhearted and you will love hanging with them while eating snake skin fruit called Salak.

Indonesia Gregg Jaden Model F7.1 100mm 1-125sec ISO 400-8.jpg

In the morning we will hike down into these falls. You will be surrounded by pure bliss as we catch all the angles surrounded by 350 feet high ribbon falls.

Epic Falls Indonesia Gregg Jaden.jpg

Workshop end (17.00pm). Catch domestic flight back to Jakarta or Bali.


Food (lunch, dinner, snacks) Drinks - usually we just all chip in cash for these items. It is very inexpensive to eat in Indonesia and we always have water wherever we go.

Flights to and from Jakarta or Bali whichever you choose for your International destination airport. We will help you decide the easiest flight times for this schedule.

What is NOT included is Airfare Travel to and from Jakarta or Bali *whichever you choose) and trip insurance. Please bring your own camera, digital DSLR full frame, or full frame mirrorless cameras are preferred. If you are a beginner I will teach you solid working knowledge of your camera and how to use it. Just give me a heads up what you shoot with so I can prepare.

INSURANCE – Travel insurance is MANDATORY for you to have travel insurance for yourself. We also highly recommend insuring your photography gear. Tour leaders will not be responsible in the event of any personal injuries or damage to photography equipment as a result of an accident during the workshop.


Most of the shooting locations on the Indonesia Photography Workshop are close to car parks and require very little hiking. Goa Jomblang Cave is easy now they lower you on a rope and provide a harness. They bring us up after we explore and get our shots. Any hiking to waterfalls will be an hour or two but usually basic hiking like any hikes. Some walking through shallow rivers but always on a path. There are lots of opportunities to swim at some falls if you want to cool off. Mount Bromo we will provide the jeeps and expert drivers to get us above the clouds. Once we arrive there is a small walk to where we shoot from.


Upon sign up you will receive a list of other items you will need. Just small essentials for the trip and traveling in tropical climates.


Recommend but not required gear to bring in order to get the most out of the workshop:

  • DSLR/Mirrorless Camera body with at least one lens (we will go over best lenses once we have a headcount)

  • Drone is optional but we will have time to play with them

  • Laptop computer for note taking or pen and notebook

  • Hard drive or USB Thumb drive for daily backups

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Average Temperatures:

90ºF High - 65ºF Low

30C High - 16 C Low