Some of the stories we've told

G Technology project to show our workflow while we work on location - Expedition style!

Han En Cave Vietnam Expedition HOYA Filters USA


A 80 KM 7 day expedition of some of the rarest caves in the world. We provided visuals for G Technology of the world's largest cave systems. Han En Cave, Hang Son Doong Cave and Tu Lan cave system in Vietnam. 

Hoya Filters USA


G-Technology Visuals from Hang Son Doong Cave Expedition in Vietnam. 

travel expedition video vietnam

Travel Video Hang Son Doong, Hang En and Phong Nha Vietnam

Surfer in Action

TOPO DESIGNS USA - location Hong Kong

Shooting lifestyle shots around Hong Kong for TOPO Designs USA 

China Southern Airlines Airbus A 380-800 Airbus

China southern airlines

China Southern Airlines Commercial photo of an Airbus A 380-800 flying from China approaching the LAX runway for a landing. 

TOPO Designs Lifestyle Backpacks


Shooting Lifestyle shots for TOPO Designs USA showcasing various products.